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Orange Velvet BX1 x Dosidos


Regular – 12 seeds


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Lineage: Orange Velvet BX1 x Dosidos
Sex: Regular – 12 seeds

Orange Velvet is the predecessor line to the “Tangie” strains of recent years. As evidenced by the March 2013 Issue of High Times, Crockett divulges the source of the unique terpene profile, Orange Velvet seeds from Oregon. A strain name created by Subcool to describe a clone only from Oregon, they received labeled as “Melvin”. A uniquely astringent orange cleaner terpene profile that Subcool and Jill did an excellent job recreating in their BX1 line using a Jacks Cleaner male line. An excellent phenotype from that seed line we ran across, that yields over 6% in water hash of candied orange funk. We hybridized to our Dosidos Line, in an effort to clean up and improve the bud structure, reduce leafyness, and increase potency.. Successful in our endeavor, expect large heavy yeilding plants. Candelabra plant type growth and under 9 week flower times. The flowers are beautifully frosty with fall colors upon harvest. Coupled with the marjority of the phenotypes are consistently 5%+ hash producers. Some yielding as much as 7%-8% fresh frozen. This is the Orange line to have.
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