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Lemon Tree x Dosidos


Regular – 12 seeds


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Lineage: Lemon Tree x Dosidos
Sex: Regular – 12 seeds

No one is quite sure where the Bay Area “Lemon Tree” strain came from, or from what lineage. With my experience, my guess would be another Lemon G and/or Airbourne G13 hybrid. The Lemon Tree is the midget plant version of Lemon G. Almost the same terpene profile, although the Lemon Tree leans a little more “pine/woody” lemon zest where as the Lemon G leans more Lemon Peel rind. The Lemon Tree is a small, dense internode plant that requires significant effort to get good production. The terpene profile is undeniable, and when crossed to the Dosidos Line, she doesn’t dissapoint. The undesirable characteristics of the Lemon Tree fade away on almost all phenotypes. The father leading the charge on the progeny’s growth, resin, and bud structure improvement. Expect Dosidos dominant plant growth profiles with heavy resin coverage, a dark green foliage from the Lemon Tree, and tight internodal spacing, with the best plant producing a very high calyx/bract to leaf ratio. A desirable upgraded plant for the Strong lemon profile lovers
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