Face Off IX

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(Face Off BX2) IX3


Regular – 12 seeds


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Additional Information

Lineage: (Face Off BX2) IX3
Sex: Regular – 12 seeds

The Face Off BX2 line is technically 87.5% pure Face Off genes. 3 Generations of selection for the Face Off traits in the BX2, and being happy with inbred traits, we decided to inbreed the BX2 line rather than backcross a third time. Too much backcrossing can have deletrious effects with diminishing returns. Too much inbreeding, in particular back to one single plant, has its benefits and negatives. In an effort to inbreed the traits selected thus far, Males and Females from the BX2 line were inbred together (like making an “F2”) to create the Face Off IX aka Face Off OG BX2 In-Cross line. Much like the BX2 they were sire from, there will be slightly more vatiatio due to the multiple parents used. Done so as to retain as much of the genes contained in the Inbred line as possible. A good starting point for breeders looking for a consistent variety with inbred traits to work with, but not inbred to the point of having many accompanying deleterious traits.
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