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Flavor Country

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RudeBoi OG #8 x Dosidos


Regular – 12 seeds


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Lineage: RudeBoi OG #8 x Dosidos
Sex: Regular – 12 seeds 

The Rudeboi has been one of Doc’s favorite flavors, especially for hash, for the last 10 years. Ever since we first made our selections, and rlater eleased them through our store, Archive Portland, Rudeboi has become a staple for us. As a matter of history, Rudeboi OG was the first variety of cannabis to ever be made into freeze-dried water hash rosin in 2015. When developing the low temp shelf for Harvest Right’s very first freeze dryers, we were running lots of Rudeboi and did all of our temperature and insulation/vacuum testing using this variety. It’s terpene profile, being so unique, made it much easier to determine how much effect the temperature, time, and vacuum pressure had on drying water hash. The unique strong tasting Fruit Loop cereal kushy tongue staining flavor of the Rudeboi was an excellent variety to test with. If the temps were too high, or exposure to long, it was plainly evident the process was too aggressive. When we finally reached shelf temperature around 0 degrees C, we experienced how truly incredible the freeze drying process, and this strain in particulars flavor, we were completely sold on both! We still to this day grow Rudeboi simply for the Doc’s personaly headstash to be made into Fresh Frozen Water Hash and Rosin. If you can’t get the Original Rudeboi itself, or simply prefer a more kushed out version of the Rudeboi, the Flavour Country is sure to take you to the right place.