Gelato 41 x Dosidos

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Gelato 41 x Dosidos


Regular – 12 seeds


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Lineage: Gelato 41 x Dosidos
Sex: Regular – 12 seeds

The most famous of the Gelato’s, the #41. With her hazlnutty butter funk behind the classic gelato ice cream blends perfectly with the Face Off’s funky old school skunky hashplant OG musk. The couple things lacking in the gelato family is potency, and long lasting flavor. The Face off is one again, the perfect match. Extending the amount of time that creamy gelato funk sticks to the taste buds is assured in the best phenotypes of this hybrid. And potency is nothing to complain about. A heavy, sedating couchlock kind of high. Plenty for the munchies and a mid-afternoon nap. Deep dark purple hues on nice christmas tree shaped plants. Stake or not the tops, as they get heavy with stick and dank come harvest time. Finshes in approximately 9 weeks of flower. Harvest slightly early for the better flavor before the resin matures too much.

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