Ginger Tea

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(Pure Thai x Face Off OG) x Moonbow #75


Feminized – 6 seeds


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Lineage: (Pure Thai x Face Off OG) x Moonbow #75
Sex: Feminized – 6 seeds

One of the most distinct hybrid’s I’ve ever made. The Pure Thai was an old clone I received from @tharealogkushman in 2005 in Seattle. It was a preserved variety from his brother in Portland, Oregon. It had a super unique cut onion, big league chew bubblgum, curry incensed spicy smell to it. In an effort to preserve the line, I hybridized it with the Face Off BX1 and selected through to find a more resinous faster finishing phenotype that retained all the smell of the Thai, but with better flavor. As with any landrace of old strain work, more than one generation is typically necessary to “modernize” a variety to today’s standards. The Moonbow #75 is the perfect candidate to help with that task. Mondern Candy Gas paired with old school landrace power and kush? Winner. Phenotypes range heavily, but in the most wonderful and distinct array of candied, lemongrass, ginger tea, zkittles, moonbow, skunky old school dank and some hazy phenotypes too. Really a wonderful hybrid to search through a population and find something unlike anything on the market. For the adventurous and dedicated!
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