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Hilo Hammer

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(HWI x Molokai Frost) x Face Off OG


Regular – 12 seeds


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Lineage: (HWI x Molokai Frost) x Face Off OG
Sex: Regular – 12 seeds 

The Hawaii Webbed Indica (HWI) is a unique variety of Cannabis from Hawaii. Cultivated there for several decades, no one is sure where it came from, although an Australian varitety carries the same webbed duck foot leaf. Resistant to mold and mildew, hardy in tropical climate and displaying true webbed leaves throughout flower. There were several webbed varieties across the islands. This one in particular was crossed with the famed Molokai Frost, preserved by DaFlyinHawaiian. Archive selected through these seeds gifted by DaFlyinHawaiian, eventually finding a plant that had webbed leaves to the third node then reverted to traditional cannabis leaves. A distinct plant with extremely good pest and disease resistant.. Highly recommended for tropical climates and mold prone regions with warm/wet weather. The hybrid created with the Face Off retains much of the excellent growth, yield, and resistance of the mother plant while adding potency and improved flavor. A minty fresh eucalyptus herbal remedy kush flavor dominates the offspring. Almost antiseptic in its odor, it’s really quite different than anything else. Perfect for tropical climates and the flavor profile really is reminiscent of old school eucualyptus kush funk from the California Coast and HP13/Skunkdog-ish vibes.