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Lemon Peel x Dosidos


Regular – 12 seeds


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Lineage: Lemon Peel x Dosidos
Sex: Regular – 12 seeds

The Lemon Peel clone selected by ThaDocta is from Lemon G x I95 seeds made by Tierra Rojo. We popped about 50 seeds between 2012-14 and really only ended up with one stunning plant from the lot. The appropriately dubbed “Lemon Peel”.. A superior Lemon Hybrid that has yet to be challenged, and still wins flower and hash cups more than 10 years after her discovery. Almost a perfect plant. Roots fast, yields heavy, extreme potency, and one of the most intoxicating aromas in the Cannabis flavor wheel. Her worst trait being the 10-11 week flower times, which was quickly tamed by the Dosidos outcross. Lemon Candy, Skunk Gas Chem, and lip smacking kushy tones hybridized with the dense trichome coverage of the Dosidos was guaranteed to be a winner. And a winner she is. Several cannabis cup wins as flower and most importantly water hash. The LemonCane was the first place water hash winner at the “Ego Clash Invitationa 2019l” event held in Mendocino County by legendary water hash craftsmen 3rd Gen Family. Arguably one of the hardest hashish competitions to win, due to it’s double blind judging and fierce competitiors. The Lemon Cane proved her worth, potency, and uniqueness in a room full of the best hash makers in the world. A true champion line bred for the ultimate in extractiom. While being the uncontested, most desireable lemon terp profile, in the game, she’s as addictive as her name may suggest.

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