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NFS aka (Not For Sale)


It’s progeny have cemented themselves as a staple cultivars for the majority of commercial operations on the West Coast.  About 50% of the NFS phenotypes will have heavy purple coloring.  While the other 50% will be beautiful mixes of green/purple, and every fall color in between.  Sure to be a crowd pleaser with the Gelato 41 “Cali” consumer market.  Most phenotypes will display a super sherb heavy nose, with candied Z notes throughout.  With rare ones leaning the other direction to the Moonbow/Dosi/OG heavy terps. My personal preference for market potential, is to look for the phenotypes that aren’t quite pure purple. BBut have the insane resin density, big trichome heads, and potency from the Planet Purple F2 #144 male.  Those ones test super high!  With a good sized population hunt, a game changer phenotype will be found, without question!  And when everyone ask you for a cut, the strain’s name will be to blame.

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