Sunshine Lime

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Sherbert x Lemon Lime


Regular – 12 seeds


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Additional Information

Lineage: Sherbert x Lemon Lime
Sex: Regular – 12 seeds 

This Lemon Lime Sherbert hybird really takes after the bitter tart purple funkadelic terps from both parents. Sherb has that fine wine musty bitter terp mixed with the Lemon Lime lines astringent lemon peel rind terps makes for a really raunchy profile. Beautiful HUGE plants. Hybrid Vigor with colas as big as forearm with beautiful coloraing thanks to the mother Sherb’s dark appearance. Fortunately the Lemon Lime line’s superior potency kicks everything up a notch resulting in a head smacking true hybrid quality varietal. Don’t veg them too long or they will get montsrous. Good for SOG or Greenhouse prodcution. Excellent for Live resin pens.

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