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Runtz x Face Off OG


Regular – 12 seeds


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Additional Information

Lineage: Runtz x Face Off OG
Sex: Regular – 12 seeds 

The Runtz clone hit the market by storm. But it appears mainly due to the new “hype” and “flex” cultures of the Internet, not because the clone is that much of a revolution. A relatively low yielding variety, the Runtz mainly smells like Gelato33 with a slight hint of Zkittles, maybe. We here at archive have seen a good number of Gelato 33 hybrids throw off “Z-ish” terps, lending credence to the original “Sherbert Story” origin of Zkittles. But none of those hybrids have come close to the incredible unique candied Original Z or Rainbow Belts terps. This hybird is really geared towards the Gelato-lover. One that wishes gelato smoked heavier like a Classic OG. With more potency and a better growth pattern for Greenhouse/Outdoor production to take advantage of the this popular commercially produced variety.