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Zazul #5 x Moonbow 112 F2 #60

Flowering Time

8-9.5 Weeks



Pack Contains

12 Seeds


Availability: In stock

Additional Information

The Zazul (Zkittles x Planet Purple F2) has proven to be a stellar hybrid. Fit for making an impact on the modern cultivar scene.  Just give it a couple years, and you guys will be asking about it like the Rainbow Belts!  It always takes time for new winners to hit the market and to go into production. But don’t sleep on it!  Or you’ll be disappointed to, once again, be on the caboose of the hype train.  Or missing that BIG set wave!  I recently visited California with a dozen samples in tow.  I met up with a bunch of the biggest and best cultivators and showed them my samples.   Wizard Trees, A Golden State, Alien Labs, Jungle Boys and a handful more.  All unanimously selected my Zazul #5 as their favorite of the bunch.  A deep lime candy, carbonated, juicy fruit funk flavor. Backed up with the now classic, moonbow dank OG taste with the palette slapper, tongue punch, knockout.  A flavor profile sure to be in your stable for the long haul!  Excellent translation to flavor is the paramount to success in the long term keeper list for us. And this one has that in spades! A Zsunami of flavor, if you dare paddle in!