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Dream Machine

  • Lineage

    (Albert Walker

  • Lineage

    Zkittles #5)

  • Lineage

    Planet Purple F2

  • sex

    Regular – 12 seeds


Lineage:  (Albert Walker x Zkittles #5) x Planet Purple F2
Sex: Regular – 12 seeds

Growth Characteristics: Large Framed Stretch and Fills In.  Classic Hybrid Cultivar traits.  Hybrid Vigor and Massive Bract Size

Another plant from the “difficult to breed with” pile is the original Albert Walker clone we have been growing since 2003.  Such a unique plant full of traits that no other cannabis cultivars I have seen possess. The Albert Walker is special to me, personally.  The distinct skunky Christmas wreath-like, pine sol, electric citrus aroma it has.  It’s completely different than anything else on the market.  Also, nothing like the “tangie” family, type of plants.  It’s not a citrus orange at all, it just hits the nostrils that strong!  As such, her strong traits have been difficult to tame and maintain the distinct flavor of it, on through to the progeny.  Once again, in an effort to make the Albert Walker more workable in lines, it was feminized with Zkittles, and the seeds grown and selected through.  We found a faster flowering vigorous tasty hybrid to be the new mother for Albert Walker hybrids.  Not pure walker in flavor, but close.   With the added benefit of possessing many other extremely desirable traits from the Zkittles hybridization.  This Albert Walker x Zkittles #5 was to be used for this next generation.


When crossed with the Planet Purple male, the myriad of combinations and intriguing aromas are all available in a multitude of unique phenotypes.  Sharing Zkittles on both sides of the parental lineage leads to many intensely fruity but skunky and dank combinations reminiscent of strains from 30 years ago.  A realm of “lost flavors” to be found through the reintroduction of old un-hybridized genetics.  Straight from the Archive.  Courtesy of the decade’s old heritage Albert Walker mother plant we still possess to this day.  Scents range from 80’s Pine wreath chainsaw 2 stroke cologne to Zkittles flavored push pop frank incense variations.  An extremely enjoyable high and described as a “dream state” by many. A truly unique mix of the old and the new.

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