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Eureka Lemon

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Lemon G x Lemon Lime


Regular – 12 seeds


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Additional Information

Lineage: Lemon G x Lemon Lime Line
Sex: Regular – 12 seeds

Nearly a Lemon G BX1, but not quite, but based on the plants from testing, it might as well be. Lemon Lime peel rind terps dominate this hybrid, but with added power from the infamous Chemmy, almost “roadkill skunk” esque terps and stupifying potency the Lemon Peel clone’s donated to this line. This hybrid accomplished that feat all the while lowering the flower time on the original Lemon G substantially. Did I mention many phenos of this make excellent water hash and yield 5+ %. Sister lines to this have contributed to several Archive Seed Bank wins at hash competitions, worldwide. This hybrid is an excellent breeding tool for Lemon Terps without getting all the undesireable traits that would be gained from using the original Lemon G clone itself. Two generations of selection went into this line to select as such. The Eureka name is most fiitting, because upon first scent and taste you’ll proclaim Eureka!, the true lemon has been found!