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Moonbow 112 IX

  • Lineage

    Moonbow #112 F1

  • Lineage

    Moonbow #112 F2 #60

  • sex

    Regular – 12 seeds


Lineage: Moonbow #112 F1 x Moonbow #112 F2 #60
((Zkittles x Dosidos) #112) x (((Zkittles x Dosidos) #112) F2 #60))
Sex: Regular – 12 seeds
Flower Time: 63-72 Days
Growth Pattern:  Tall Cola dominant growth structure.  Medium/Tall Stretch

The culmination of over 3 years of work.  This IX line represents the closest thing to the Moonbow #112 in seed form we have created.  Intuitively, one would think that a BX line or something similar would yield the most, true to form, clone re-creation.  But that is not always the case.  In this instance, it was clear upon testing that a male selection from the Moonbow 112 F2 line would reproduce superior results to the BX1 line we made. Thus the Moonbow 112 IX line was born.  A faithful recreation of the Original Moonbow #112 F1 selection of Zkittles x Dosidos.  Tall, well structured plants yield grenade sized buds stacked on foot long colas.  Dripping with blackberry currant zingy lime zkittles terps.  Super sticky resin on most phenos, with a small population grainy and suited for water hash.  There are some 4-5% washers, but this line is really focused on flower quality, first and foremost.  Several phenos to be found that are marked improvements on the overall line’s best characteristics.  Even above the #112 clone itself.

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