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Mountain Apple


(PNW Dogshit x Zkittles) #2 x (Moonbow #112 F2) #60


Regular – 12 seeds


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Additional Information

Lineage: (PNW Dogshit x Zkittles) #2 x (Moonbow #112 F2) #60
Sex: Regular – 12 seeds
Flower Time: 65-77 Days
Growth Pattern:  Tall Elongated Colas.  Big Plants. Hybrid Vigor

The PNW Dogshit is a clone we’ve held for almost 20 years.  Likely a descendant of some of the first haze hybrids to hit American shores after being preserved and redistributed from Amsterdam in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  Reminiscent of the finest NL5/Haze, she leans towards the Colombian side of the haze genome.  With a juicy – sweet fruit spicy haze aroma and soaring cerebral high.  The smoke from the end of a joint will have people rubber necking in every direction.  Unique and unmistakable incensed odor.  While modern consumers (or their suppliers) have moved towards purple and photogenic.  There is a much needed reintroduction of Classic genetics to the modern gene pool.  To not only to explore the possibilities of the old genetics mixed with the new.  But to hopefully insert some unrelated genes to the marketplace, and to help prevent inbreeding depression.  This hybrid is a prime example of reaching for that goal.  Having the Z on both sides of the line helped retain the candied dank qualities it’s known for, and a more modern appeal to consumers. At the same time, the other parent lines are able to impart their best traits to the progeny as well.  Flavors range from caramel candied apple pie crust terps to ripe mountain apple incensed Z funk.  A really fun line that could open up an entire new realm of possibilities within an F2. Increased vigor and yield over similarly constructed hybrids of today.  The introduction of the old Dog Shit genome really opens up the possibilities for hybridizing this with other lines. Recommended for the adventurous grower looking to add something different to their stable.