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Puro Loco

  • Lineage


  • Lineage

    Moonbow #75

  • sex

    Feminized – 6 seeds


Lineage: Papaya x Moonbow #75
Sex: Feminized – 6 seeds

The Papaya surprised me in that I thought the market was done with Dutch fruit strains reminiscent of Skunk#1 hybrids. But this one somehow escaped the typical fate, and blew up on the American market. Likely due to the emergence of the water hash rosin market and the general ease of cultivation of the Papaya. Which made it a pretty good match for the more finicky, but rewarding Moonbow #75. The pairing managed to lean heavily on the Moonbow #75 side, thanksfully, with just light hints of the Papaya chalky fruit cocktail in some phenotypes. But the Moonbow dominant ones reign with flavor, taking almost nothing from the Papaya but a more columnar growth pattern and some larger buds. Maybe somewhat at the expense of some resin density compared to the Moonbow#75 pure, but an marked improvement upon the Papaya’s resin density, no doubt. Looks for the Moonbow Dominant phenotypes wtih the drier sandier resin and WASH them. The taste and effect will have you in a trance and smacking you lips saying this is loco.

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