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Yuzu Purple

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Gelato 33 x Lemon Lime


Regular – 12 seeds


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Additional Information

Lineage: Gelato 33 x Lemon Lime
Sex: Regular – 12 seeds

Purple tinged, tic-tac orange flavored nuggets of excellent potency. This hybrid lends credence why Gelato 33 appears to be the most desired Gelato to hybridize with. Heavy yields, dark purple flowers, a sedative but not lazy stone and good potency all appear in the progeny. The hybrid’s flavor profile ranges from lemon rind gelato funk to orange crushed tic-tacs with a zkittlez layer of candy peppered in. Truly unique and enjoyable. A much different take on the now “classic orange” flavors circulating the market, with a better bag appeal, potency, and shortened flower time than your typical “Tangie” hybrid. Dare we say, it has the Umami’d orange terp on lock.