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Once These Seeds Are Gone, They're Gone!

You’re rewarded with a very quick flower time of 8 weeks where the flavor is even better when harvested a little early vs late.  It’s all worth it when it produces hand grenade sized buds of very respectable yields and density. Potpourri Fizzy Candy Terps with a Kushy funk back end.  It tastes like candy all the way through to the Roach.

Building off the success and momentum of the original lines, the Rainbow Belts 3.0 is a continuation of the breeding and line work that has made Rainbow Belts a staple in so many lineups.  The line having accomplished so much, in such a short period of time, is a testament to its considerable heritage.

A faithful recreation of the Original Moonbow #112 F1 selection.  Tall, well structured plants yield grenade sized buds stacked on foot long colas.  Dripping with blackberry currant zingy lime zkittles terps.  Super sticky resin on most phenos, with a small population grainy and suited for water hash. Several phenos to be found that are marked improvements on the overall line’s best characteristics.

Glow she does, and produces stunning progeny. This proprietary selection never disappoints with her blackberry jam, zkittles soaked, zingy skunky kush aroma and perfectly balanced flavor of candy and petrol.  The Planet Purple #144 male adds a bit earthier, kushier, sunset sherbert red wine/gelato runtz note to the progeny, while improving the resin content and bag appeal of the Moonbow #112.  

For a limited time only Archive Seed Bank have released a collection of their most sought-after genetics. Rainbow Belt 2.0, Rainbow Belt 3.0, Moonbow 112iX & Moon Glow. Here’s YOUR chance to get your hands on these high yielding, resin packed flower seeds with 3 years of premium lineage from a legendary seed bank.

These genetics are world renowned for consistently locking in the Zkittles terp profile with grenade-sized buds.