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Dark Rainbow 2.0


Lineage: GMO x Planet Purple F2 #144 = (Chem D x Cookies)  x ((SherbDosi x Moonbow) F2 #144)

Flower Time: 65-72 Days

Pack Size: 12 Seeds

The winning formula for hash makers and chem/gas heavy smokers alike.  GMO doesn’t need much introduction. But mixed with the Planet Purple F2 #144 male make sit a better plant on every level.  It expands the horizons for the Chem/Gas heavy growers while producing plants with outstanding bag appeal.  There are some incredibly resinous plants with extreme chem dominant terp profiles in the majority of the gene pool.  The Dark Rainbow 1.0 had wonderful 50/50 phenotypes that carried the chem/gas of the GMO while sweetening it with aromatic juicy purple Z/Lime Candy terp of the Moonbow.  The Planet Purple male goes the other direction completely.  While you might find a very small percentage lean in the “sweeter” direction, the main phenotypes are all Raunchy Stank Breath Rotten Meat Gas Tank Stank…..with rare phenotypes showing a sherb/Z note in taste, but with no real sweetness in smell, at all.  What’s even better than the superb mouth coating gas tank flavor in this cross? The more consistent manageable growth pattern, heavier yields, excellent biomass production, desirable bud structure, and much faster flowering times courtesy of the Planet Purple F2 #144 male.  Did I mention multiple 6% + hash plants were pulled from our test run of 30 plants?  Look for the extremely resinous phenotypes that are Planet Purple dominant.  They come swinging for the fences with absurd resin production on tightly packed floral clusters.  Those are the ones to keep.  They perform outstandingly on every metric.

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