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North Star


The Blueberry tamed the NYCD’s growth pattern while adding a deep blueberry funk to the flavor profile.  It’s a hard to describe terp, but it is unique, and has proven to make some truly excellent hybrids. Such as the Smarties (Blue City Diesel x Cookies).  A creation from @kush4breakfast that is now almost a decade old.  It has stood the test of time as one of the earliest and best GSC hybrids to hit the market.  We made the North Star in an effort to create a male (Blueberry-like) line to work into the other berry blast flavors and hybrids we have.  A male “pairing” and exploration line to integrate into our “berry-ish” mother stock we have and/or made. Like the Colorado FLO, OverFlo, Flo x Zkittles #3, Flavor Pack #32, Toro #12 and a handful of others.  We’re also currently working the North Star crossed with Cookies. To somewhat re-explore the Smarties’ winning formula and see where it takes us.  We’re especially excited to see the results when crossed back onto the Smarties clone itself, or other relatives, courtesy of @kush4breakfast stable of winners.  These are long term goals of our program and just one step in a multi-generational exploration process.  This is a very limited breeding stock release meant for the Genetic Explorers looking to potentially find their own North Star, in the dank blueberry-OG constellation.

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