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Lineage – Louie XIII OG x Moonbow 112 F2 #60

Flower Time: 63-67 Days
Type: 12 Seeds (Regular)

Are you looking for modern terps with the old school power?  You’re in for a treat, because the Prodigy has come to town.  Descendant of two now legendary strains, the Prodigy will create the next generation of game changers worldwide.  The market is shifting back to the GAS pack!  Stellar examples of old school raw OG power mixed with the delectable modern “rainbow” of flavors, courtesy of the Moonbow #112 F2 male.  Taller plants with long running colas!  Plants well suited for SOG are common.  Flip them small and pack them in for some massive yields! If you’re looking for the candy fume weed with the real GAS in the tank.  Look no further than the Prodigy!

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