Planet Sherb

As a continuation of the Planet Purple Line, this is somewhat of a backcrossing/inbreeding type of hybrid, to the Sunset Sherbet x Dosidos #8.


(Sunset Sherbet x Dosidos #8) x Planet Purple F2 #144

Flowering Time

58-68 Days


Regular – 12 Seeds


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Additional Information

Rather than a direct BX1, the Planet Purple F2 #144 (SherbDosi x Moonbow) F2 male provides a little more variation to the progeny and lends itself to more distinct and desirable variations of Sunset Sherbert.  Which is still one of the most desirable, commercially appealing varieties grown in the marketplace!  Expect Medium length but FAT colas.  The purple ones will carry the more Zkittley aromas on a medium statured, well branched plant.  While the greener ones, will have the skunkier dosidos dominant aroma. But with intense candied Z notes to the smoke.  The potency is kicked up an entire notch, which as soon as you see the resin structure the Planet Purple male provides, it will be clearly evident why!

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