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White Gold

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    Regular – 12 seeds


Lineage: Biscotti x Dosidos
Sex: Regular – 12 seeds

The legendary Biscotti of Connected Cannabis Co. fame has become a staple in California’s “Gelato” centric market. A nice colorful purple plant with a sedative relaxing stone. The dosidos help pep up the potency a little bit, lending densely packed resin and larger bracts that more trichomes can form on. The White Gold name in reference to the varieties insane resin production for a Gelato type plant. With flowers that are less dense that the Biscotti, this hybrid has a wonderful styrofoam texture that breaks down for joints, beautifully. While still retaining the color and general flavor profile of the Biscotti, and a growth pattern resembling the best commercial Gelato type plants. A gassy doughy sherb funk with tones of grape, floor cleaner and fine wine balance out theflavor profile for an experience that can be described as “luxurious”.

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