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Sleeping with the Stars

  • Lineage

    Poison OG

  • Lineage

    Planet Purple F2

  • Sex

    Regular – 12 seeds


Lineage: Poison OG x Planet Purple F2
Sex: Regular – 12 seeds

Growth Characteristics: Tall OG-Growth Hybrid

This project has been a long time coming.  An homage line made with the Poison OG I received from @tharealogkushman (The Source Genetics) in 2005, and the new Planet Purple F2 line.  The original poison is the quintessential OG Kush with the Lip Smacking OG lemon-sol flavor followed by the sticky classic kush after flavor.  Combined with the Planet Purple male the progeny leans to a tantalizing, evenly distributed mix of classic kush and modern candied earthy cookie terps, depending on the phenotype.  Intense, densely packed bulbous trichomes cover the flowers of this variety, and surprisingly, wash particularly well.  Yielding +5% on solventless test washes.  The plants displayed very consistent growth characteristics among the population with very little variation.  A tall, but focused plant that produces heavy, branch breaking grenades on the ends of thin, kush-like stems.  Truly a pleasure to see such a highly productive plant on such a high quality smoke plant.  A very special hybrid containing vintage preserved OG Kush genetics that are verifiable in our hands, +20 years old, and the modern line worked hybridization Archive is known for.

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