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  • Lineage

    Sunset Sherbet

  • Lineage


  • Flowering Time

    58-68 Days

  • Sex

    Regular – 12 Seeds


Very popular with home growers and commercial producers alike, this line is well suited for two-level vertical grows or tent-growing.  The plants grow short and squat with grenade sized buds all over.  Some phenotypes can be very branchy, so be sure to clean up the bottom branches aggressively! You will be rewarded with CHUNKY top buds throughout a good portion of the progeny.  Many being very mold resistant, especially considering the density and size of the tops.  A distinct doughy cookie funk dominates most phenotypes, reminiscent of the OGKB grandmother.  The rest have varying odors of earthy, slightly fruity Sunset Sherb/Gelato type profiles with the rare ones exhibiting an almost Zkittles-like fruity incensed smoke.

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